BASELWORLD 2017: Lvcea Tourbillon - A whirl of femininity

BASELWORLD 2017: Lvcea Tourbillon - A whirl of femininity

Bulgari is a past master in the art of turning women’s heads and has indeed been doing so for over 130 years

Inspired by the pure, sensual lines of its jewellery creations, the ladies’ watches from the Rome-based jeweller combine elegance with sensuality. With the new LVCEA Tourbillon watches, a major horological complication now enlivens this ultra-feminine watch dedicated to celebrating light.

The joyful and chic LVCEA watches are an invitation to rapt contemplation, featuring fascinating light effects fostered by the harmonious design of their case and dials. LVCEA Tourbillon is no exception to this rule and allows light to invade its two dials, since Bulgari is presenting two variations for this 38 mm-diameter round watch in 18 carats gold. One is graced with a purple dial made of hearth of ruby, a spiritual colour much appreciated by Romans, framed by a white gold case. The other comes in a shade evoking the beauties of nature, as well as precious Oriental objects, with its green jade dial. Diamond hour-markers enhance the sparkle and luminosity of these models, precious elements that leave no doubt as to the signature of these watches dreamed up by the Roman jewellery House and proudly flaunting their unmistakable nature as contemporary jewellery creations.

A captivating sight

The gaze is arrested by colour and soon thereafter caught and held by the tourbillon that is visible on the dial. Enlightened connoisseurs will immediately notice that it belongs to a mechanical self-winding movement, Manufacture Bulgari Calibre 263. Beating at the rhythm of 21,600 vibrations per hour, and endowed with a 64-hour power reserve, an additional guarantee of regularity, this mechanism is entirely dedicated to precision.

In this case it serves to enhance yet further the beauty of a watch reputed for its femininity and its eminent wearability in every circumstance. While this LVCEA Tourbillon will delight devotees of fine and precious watchmaking, is it forbidden for a modern woman to treat herself to the everyday pleasures of constantly wearing a refined and sophisticated timepiece? Arrayed in its discreet elegance, LVCEA Tourbillon naturally accentuates the extraordinary personality of the woman who wears it.