Bulgari Serpenti Twist Your Time

Press Release – Pre-Baselworld 2018

Bulgari Serpenti Twist Your Time

A symbol of perpetual renewal, the possible variations and interpretations of the name are truly boundless.

If the new Serpenti were another watch, which would it be? Answer: a Serpenti! In this Twist version, the watch slips into new ever-changing and supremely personalised ‘skins’ with a wealth of sensual, joyful and colourful leather straps for daily wear; or with a bracelet composed of several dainty pink gold chains, flowing supply around the wrist and enabling the ‘reptile’ watch to express its jewellery transformation.

Bulgari Serpenti Twist Your Time

Four new variations of this playful, unique and multiple watch enliven the season. The first new feature takes the form of four-tour straps for two of the models. The incredibly refined and sensual quadruple wrap around the wrist is achieved by deliciously supple leather straps in vivid shades of indigo-topaz blue and wisteria jade, both with shimmering metal accents. These contemporary hues radiate an impertinent sense of chic eagerly adopted by fashion designers, especially in Italy.

Bulgari Serpenti Twist Your Time

However, the ultimate colour of the Italian jewellery is naturally that of gold, as the new Serpenti Twist models admirably demonstrate. While subtly diverting the classic design codes embedded in its DNA, the age-old snake tamed by Bulgari wraps itself around the wrist with a double tour golden strap adorned with an antique bronze patina. And since these bands are all interchangeable, enabling the Serpenti to be personalised at will, the watch can change its skin yet again. A dainty chain bracelet, with supple articulated links featuring an unusual design, makes it unmistakable precious in the twinkling of an eye. The chain bracelet can be replaced by the coloured leather strap and vice-versa, thereby rendering the Serpenti infinitely playful and customisable.

Bulgari Serpenti Twist Your Time

And to further facilitate personalisation, the customer can choose the elements composing her Serpenti Twist on the My Serpenti app developed by the Maison. Available from selected Bulgari Boutiques, it enables the enthusiast to literally put together “her” personal Serpenti via this app installed on her tablet: choosing the case, dial, potential gemsetting, as well as the strap or bracelet. She will also be able to have the case-back engraved as desired.

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