DIVA - Four new creations in tribute to contemporary feminine icons

DIVA - Four new creations in tribute to contemporary feminine icons

I am a symbol - I am a history

For more than 130 years, BVLGARI has been creating jewellery and watches whose aesthetic is pervaded by its Roman origins. Creations that have been inspiring women around the world for more than a century. Collections surrounded by an aura exalted by the actresses and celebrities who have worn them and which prove as enduring as the great cinema classics. Like the Eternal city, they are simply timeless. A place, a history and consistently inspirational personalities. A broad and rich field of expression that underpins the entire BVLGARI style.

I am an inspiration - I am a style

The DIVA jewellery and watch collection carries all the design codes referencing the dazzling history of BVLGARI. A nod to the famous Roman mosaics and the iconic fan-shaped motifs of the Caracalla thermal baths, it embodies a collection with a distinctive character, an alterable source of inspiration and admiration. The collection welcomes four new creations that will be available from autumn 2015 in BVLGARI boutiques and in its exclusive retailers.

I am a DIVA

Inspired by the diversity of modern-day beauties, BVLGARI has created a collection of watches that evokes the personality and the history of women, at once unique and universal. Jewellery timepieces offering a variety of styles expressed by juxtaposing colours and materials.

The DIVA collection honours women in all their uniqueness, their strength and their greatness, by revealing their incomparable assets, identity, glamour and charisma. A woman who becomes a Nobel prizewinner, a mother, a world-renowned scientist, an Olympic medallist, a famous virtuoso, an Oscar-wining actress, an influential businesswoman.

Born from the Italian jeweller’s passion for coloured stones, DIVA watches reflect the iconic BVLGARI rainbow, an arch composed of multicoloured gems nestling together like petals and creating an authentic corolla of precious stones dancing around a gem-set bezel. These sensual and elegant creations embody the fascination and the mysterious attraction exercised by stones, combining the depth of precious gems with the intensity of their semi-precious counterparts.

These stunning goldsmithing feats testify to the expertise and the jewellery-making savoir-faire fostered by the Maison and echo its famous 1960s floral brooches with their spring-mounted mobile flowers. Playing on a subtly musical theme, BVLGARI perfects the art of “en tremblant” setting, since each of the small fans and stones composing the corolla of the watch is delicately assembled, set and adjusted in such a way as to gently quiver in step with the wearer’s every move.

Diva High Jewellery

In the two new High Jewellery versions, the pink gold interpretation is adorned with the warm shades of coral as well as the timeless hues of onyx and diamonds. Its corolla composed of eight coral-set fans and eight onyx-set fans is punctuated by two rows of eight claw-set round diamonds totalling almost 3.5 carats. The bracelet consists of a succession of fans instilling the model with a resolutely Art Deco cuff-watch spirit.

The other version offers a variety of baguette, brilliant, round and buff-top cuts set with diamonds and emeralds on white gold – an aesthetic evoking the DIVA High Jewellery Emeralds watch that won the “Jewellery Watch” prize in last year’s Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, an accolade rewarding the 130 years of creativity cultivated by the Rome-based jeweller.

Diva Jewellery

The Jewellery version comes in the form of two new models fitted with a refined satin strap. Its gemstone rainbow combines the fruity colours of mandarin garnets, tourmalines and opals, or the heavenly hues of tanzanites and turquoises.

I am a DIVA to become

The DIVA collection exalts women, highlights their strengths, participants in their accomplishments. It rewards the blossoming of these talents.

It reflects the radiance of contemporary feminine icons, the fascination of rising stars and the appeal of up-and-coming women. It evokes dreams to be fulfilled, success stories to be written and victories to be won.