Lvcea High jewellery: Dazzling light

Lvcea High jewellery: Dazzling light

BVLGARI clothes its LVCEA collection in brilliant and glamorous High Jewellery attire.

This highly exclusive collection sets a perfect stage for the jeweller’s expertise in three precious watches adorned with diamonds, rubies and emeralds. They shine a precious light on time and endow the LVCEA collection with an even more distinctive radiance.

LVCEA exquisitely exalted

Right from the time of its launch in 2014, LVCEA asserted itself as the new muse among BVLGARI ladies’ watches. Everything about its appearance evokes the style signatures of the Rome-based jeweller. It embodies the perfect alchemist’s blend of opposites: roundness and linearity; light and shade; grace and sophistication. These contrasting qualities reveal it, endow it with distinction and characterise its versatility, while contouring its material, shapes and personality. From dawn to dusk, it suffuses women’s time with the glow of its multiple incarnations: 28 mm, 33 mm and 36 mm cases, mother-of-pearl shades or guilloché effects, the sparkle of diamonds.

LVCEA is born of light.  The whole nature of its emblematic design enshrines the essence of BVLGARI. Three new interpretations draw all eyes, elegantly and intensely reflecting the purity of light. In its new 23 mm-diameter size, this dainty jewellery watch reveals its full splendour. BVLGARI has chosen to adorn white gold with the four gems traditionally considered the most precious: diamonds, the royal stone; emeralds, the most sought-after form of beryl; as well as the two most prestigious corundum, sapphire and ruby. In its all-diamond version issued in a five-piece limited edition, LVCEA is swept over blued hands and its crown features a sapphire cabochon set with a brilliant-cut diamond. In the interpretation adorned with rubies or emeralds, each in a three-piece edition, the bezel and bracelet are enhanced with coloured gems. Set with more than 14 carats of precious stones, the bracelet is indeed a piece of jewellery in its own right. The motif formed by the 84 baguette-cut diamonds imparts a distinctive cadence to the dial that marks of time as a reminder of the sundials that inspired it.

Combining the magnetic draw of its inimitably BVLGARI style with the sparkling radiance of close-set and invisible-set baguette-cut gems, the LVCEA collection literally wraps women in light.