Inspired by the inextricable link of light and time, The new gem of Bulgari watches Sparkles ever brighter

Shining ever brighter each year, Bulgari reveals a creative extension of the luminous LVCEA collection. Meanwhile, the Maison gives a unique and rare peek inside the inner workings of the watch’s design process – through an exclusive conversation with Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani, the Bulgari Watches Design Senior Director himself.

As LVCEA has become one of the most beloved signature collections around the world, Bulgari presents new features for the line inspired by the eternal link of light and time. With radiance, LVCEA strikes that perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication. As the flagship timepiece of Bulgari’s women’s watches, it encompasses each characteristic of the Bulgari personality.

With powerful lines and a sensual design, the sheer mastery of LVCEA’s artisanal craftsmanship is testament to the metalworking capabilities of the renowned Italian jeweller. The V-shape links that factor into the name and construction of the LVCEA bracelet took lithe inspiration from Serpenti, the iconic line of serpentine pieces that has become a trademark symbol of Bulgari identity. The distinctive coils of the bracelet are balanced by an opulent, round case, a harmonious reconciliation that is modelled after the complexity of the contemporary woman.

Meanwhile, LVCEA’s “every day and evening” appeal has rendered it into a favourite of celebrities on the red carpet or on the street, as the watch is notably as soft and smooth as it is strong and sophisticated. Honouring Bulgari’s Roman past, the LVCEA was created to pay tribute to the ancient sundial, in a design that captures the power of light, or “luce” in Italian. The luminosity of LVCEA’s round case features a sundial face – complete with Roman numeral hour-markers and hands – to wind history with modernity, and clasp function to design.

Heralding its true and colourful high jewellery spirit, Bulgari has set a lucent gemstone into the crown of every LVCEA timepiece. In a cabochon cut of noble purple, this twist on winding a watch adds the classic dash of Bulgari audacity. To dress the crown sets an exquisite diamond, a glamorous recollection of the beauty of woman.

New colourful interpretations, from sun to moon. In 2015, LVCEA only shines brighter, enriching the spectrum of its collection with new features and sizes. Baselworld will reveal the LVCEA in alligator leather blue-sapphire, bordeaux-pink, or powder-pink coloured straps, to personalise any LVCEA look. These vivid renditions of the collection are complemented by white or pink-gold, and the blue-sapphire and bordeaux-pink feature precious diamond bezels and gold links. As well, they turn with a refined silver satiné soleil dial, recalling the ancient Roman sundial that inspired the collection. Meanwhile, LVCEA in powder-pink is paired with pink-gold, lustrously shining with a silver opaline dial which gives centre arena to ancient Rome, with sundial Roman numerals XXII and VI to mark the time.

The shimmering sensuality of white-gold. Completing the range of precious metals of the collection, which classically are shaped of steel or pink gold, LVCEA shines in two new white- gold versions, the shimmering stars of the 2015 renditions. One LVCEA features precious diamonds on the bezel and the bracelet, while the other features a full pavé diamond dial, sparkling like the rays of the sun.

New sizes, to assert her sensuality. In 2015, Bulgari literally expands upon the classic 33mm LVCEA with a larger size, introducing four versions of a pronounced 36mm LVCEA. In bold steel, the silver opaline dial hypnotically holds a gaze, as feminine as it is strong. With a touch of sparkle, the steel version with diamond hour-markers has a mother-of-pearl dial to soften its sizeable stance. Another LVCEA features a bi-coloured pink-gold and steel bracelet to reveal the multi-faceted nature of a strong woman; with a silver opaline dial and Roman-numeral indexes, it defines LVCEA radiance. And in its most precious form, the pink-gold LVCEA features the pink-gold 36 mm bezel and bi-coloured precious metal bracelet, as it glows with a mother-of-pearl face and shines in perfect diamond indexes.

With trademark innovation, Bulgari’s LVCEA is becoming a most customisable, iconic and resplendent collection.