Pre-BASELWORLD 2016: OCTO ULTRANERO - A True Classic Gets a Contemporary Twist

Pre-BASELWORLD 2016: OCTO ULTRANERO - A True Classic Gets a Contemporary Twist

Bulgari presents a 2016 preview of new watch models entirely in tune with its creative universe. The Rome-based jeweller innovates constantly by associating its mastery of precious materials with Swiss watchmaking precision.

The virile elegance of black has asserted its pure power as an integral part of modern style. Italian designers were pioneers in this domain. More inspired than ever by the creative strength of Italian design, the iconic Octo watch with its unique, strongly structured case is now reinvented in a highly contemporary and opulent black exterior daring to flaunt an unexpected association of materials. Bulgari associates a black D.L.C. coating with pink gold in a highly diverse range of variations and possibilities. Devotees of fine contemporary watchmaking are thus offered an innovative and surprising model immediately asserting a flair for differentiation and distinctive character.

As Guido Terreni, Managing Director of the Bulgari Watch Division, points out: “Ultranero lends even more strength and contemporary power to the Octo watch. Its impact both visually and on the imagination is both immediate and striking.” While the Octo Ultranero is sporty by  nature, it was not created for performance alone nor exclusively for efficiency. “Beauty is as important as strength, so it allows itself a touch of gold, because gold is the signature of luxury according to Bulgari”.

Thus arrayed in a black D.L.C. coating, the 110-facetted, structured case of the Octo watch is endowed with additional strength that is every inch Italian. It immediately conjures up certain creations in the field of architecture or contemporary furniture. Its highly technical and masculine side evokes Italian sports cars, or certain large modern yachts. It even carries a hint of stealth aircraft, as if to endow it with an additional touch of mystery and secrecy. A whole new field of expression thus opens up for this watch that is equally at ease with urban elegance as in life’s more fast-paced moments.

The Octo case is an extension of the Italian temperament. It is complex, yet it seems very simple. It is geometrical, but there is nothing rigid about it. It is elegant and yet consistently maintains a certain relaxed air that infuses life with a unique flavour.


Black lends a very powerful aura to the models in the Octo Ultranero range. This watch doesn’t just play the urbanite in sports gear.  It is instead a complete reinterpretation –through the creativity of its design – of a men’s timepiece epitomising the Bulgari style. The radical effectiveness of black is enhanced by the precious touch of pink gold, once again testifying to the two-fold watch and jewellery expertise of the Maison. Depending on the version, clients can choose between an all-black watch in D.L.C.-coated steel fitted with a black rubber strap and subtly lit up only by pink gold hands and hour-markers, thus embodying the boldness of restraint; or the equally bold option of combining a black D.L.C.-coated case with a pink gold bezel. Clearly cut out for excellence, this exceptional watch is powered by calibres from the Bulgari watch Manufacture established in Switzerland. Such a noble watch deserved an equally aristocratic interior: Octo Ultranero is presented right from its introduction with the world’s thinnest mechanical tourbillon movement, the Bulgari BVL 268 Finissimo calibre. The latter set a record at the time of its launch in 2014 that has remained unbroken ever since. The case of the Octo Ultranero Finissimo Tourbillon is made of black D.L.C.-coated titanium. The fabulous mechanical heart of the watch is revealed in its carriage visible at 6 o’clock on the black dial, whose very sobriety exalts the horological feat with exceptional elegance. This technical opulence is accentuated by pink gold elements in the finishing of the flying tourbillon measuring a mere 1.95 mm thick.


Depending on his desires, inspirations and usage, the connoisseur will be able to choose a version with a 41mm diameter powered by the Solotempo BVL 193 calibre. Dedicated to the measurement and display of time, this twin-barrel movement has a 50-hour power reserve and focuses on ensuring the precision of the hours, minutes, seconds, and date indications.

For an even sportier touch, others may opt for the Octo Velocissimo Chronograph powered by Calibre BVL 328, one of the most efficient on the market and capable of capturing the flow of time to the nearest tenth of a second.

Bvlgari Octo Finissimo: refinement its best

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